Sleep: Secret To A Youthful Existence

Have you ever wondered about the secret to everlasting beauty? Well, it is not at all a hidden secret from the caves of Mordor, but is something we do routinely- sleeping. Sleep is the solution for all health problems and a “secret” to the lasting beauty. Here are quite a few reasons as to why this practice could end up making you look and feel younger.

1.   Stick to a schedule

The best way to wake and feel refreshed and rejuvenated the minute you wake up is to stick to a regular sleeping cycle and make sure to follow is properly. Try and avoid ruining your sleep schedule way more than usual. With a fixed sleeping schedule your body will get used to the rhythm and will work in perfect sync. Avoid using your mobile or doing any kind of hyper activity to avoid ruining your sleep. Forcing yourself to stay awake even when you’re tired can cause complications like insomnia, and you won’t feel active the next day at all.

2.   Comforting bedding

A lot of people have a hard time sleeping when the bedding isn’t right. The bedding and pillows can make your sleep go from good, bad, to worse. Good quality bedding can improve your sleep cycle and your posture too. Therefore, you must be sure to buy yourself good quality bedding. Surprisingly, your pillow plays a big part in your sleep schedule; a long length pillow can improve you unpleasant sleep-related conditions and is good for people who snore a lot. Sleeping with your head raised up a little can improve your sleep schedule by a good percentage. Satin pillows can help reduce acne, and cotton pillows are good to beat the heat in summers. You must be sure to wash your bedding regularly to avoid mites and dust.

3.   Quality bedding

One must not skimp on good quality bedding. Good quality bedding can do wonders for your sleep schedule. As mentioned before, good quality bedding can improve your sleep cycle and your posture too. Synthetic bedding won’t do you any good, but cotton and other pure material might make your sleeping routine a lot better. You must look for bedding crafted from organically grown bamboo made for comfort, softness, and breathability.

Organically made bed is sustainable and helps you sleep better.

4.   Pajamas Party

The right kind of nightwear can help induce better sleeping habits. Be sure to loosen your pockets for better quality jammies. Never sleep in your day clothes. Sleeping in loose and airy clothes can help your body breathe freely throughout the night. Studies have shown that people sleep better when they wear fresh clothes to sleep. Make sure to wear material that lets you breathe.

5.   Sleep without light

One must not sleep with the lights turned on as it might ruin your sleeping pattern. Sleeping while light turned on might be causing your melatonin levels to be go down. Sleeping without light is calm to the chaos; the less you see the less you think about things and focus on your sleep better. It is essential to sleep without your lights turned off, as the body reacts to light. The brain automatically tells your body to sleep when the light is turned off, a signal for the body to rest. Your sleep might be altered with the exposure of light. Poor sleepers must be extra careful and turn off all lights essentially for they can avoid ruining their sleep schedule.

6.   Nighttime skincare routine

Your body works all day, and so does your skin. Ensuring that your skin is free of residue is absolutely essential. This is why many people have a strict nighttime cleansing routine in place to ensure their skin can breathe while they sleep. When your skin is clean and fresh, you’re more likely to fall asleep faster. Importantly, remember to moisturize before bed. This will provide your skin with the extra hydration it requires to replenish some of the moisture lost while sleeping. Irritation in the skin might cause you to sleep badly. A good skin care routine is necessary to ensure healthy skin and sleep.

7.   Avoid midnight cravings

Most people tend to overeat during mid-nights, when one is absolutely free, comfortable in bed, and binging one’s favourite show. This habit of binge eating junk while staying up late might destroy your sleeping routine. Stop eating before bed, especially if your snacks contain a lot of sugar or caffeine, as this can affect your digestion. Or, if you consume too much caffeine, you might not be able to fall asleep at all. Coffee is a friend when you wake up, but a foe before you sleep. Coffee consumption should limit to mornings only and that too in moderation. It is harmful to consume coffee at night, as it will definitely hinder your sleep schedule.

8.   Short Naps

Regularly taking naps during the day can disrupt your sleep cycle. Therefore, if you are not need to nap throughout the day, skip it so that you don’t end up having to spend a long time falling asleep. Naps must be short and quick like a shower. Too much of everything is bad, so everything in moderation is the best policy.

Every part of our bodies and minds depend on sleep to function properly, so you should try your hardest to be as “snooze-ready” as you can be before turning in for the night. One cannot function all day if you sleep badly. Resting is a priority which must be treated with the utmost importance. Sleeping in a routine will definitely make a difference in your daily agendas. Excess of everything is bad, too much of sleeping and napping can also cause fatigue and tardiness. One requires maximum 8 hours of sleep daily, no less or more. A healthy sleep schedule will ensure you a healthy lifestyle. We hope these tips helped, but remember “everything in moderation”. To know more about how to improve your lifestyle choices, keep us on your list.

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