Top 10 Companies That Secured The CSR Tag

Multiple companies are shifting their priorities from business oriented to environmentally conscious; the strategy which not only saves on cost but also becomes environmentally conscious. The ability of businesses to track their performances, alert decision making and the behavioral changes make it a necessary approach which is desired by many companies. Still, there is a full-fledge mapping out to be done in order for businesses to turn eco-friendly, a roadmap for businesses.

Importance of going green

The rapid depletion of natural resources has led corporates to turn to more eco-friendly ways of energy production. The companies that have a large requirement of natural resources have become more environmentally aware. It is because “green initiatives” saves more, reuse resources and meet requirements. They also help to create brand awareness among customers.

Companies seen as being environmentally conscious generally tend to create an eco-friendly vision of their workings. This gives them a clear perspective and practical choices with a wider effect on the organization. Still, the usage of less energy to save cost is a must. Besides, lowering the consumption to save on cost, the savings might be converted into investing in R&D efforts and supporting initiatives directed towards environmentally friendly products. This initiative has a wider effect on the environment at large, and a profitable long-term plan.

About 80% of the top companies incorporate sustainability (CSR) in 2021, the inclusion of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their responsible business plans and implementations. This list of Top 10 companies for CSR in 2021 collected and curated from several resources.

The 2021 was a slow year for CSR. The financial index of the country fell by 64% in 2020-21 owing to COVID-19. As compared to previous years, the financial index according to years is:

FY2020-21 Rs. 8,828.11 crore, which shows a steep fall as compared to Rs. 24,688.66 crore in FY 2019-20 and Rs. 20,150.27 crore in FY2018-19.

In 2021, Godrej Consumer Goods has come in first, and topped in CSR ranking list, followed by Wipro and Infosys. Also, Tata companies made its mark in the Top 10. Overall, IT is the top-performing industry to gain the CSR tag in FY 2021.

List of the Top 10 companies for CSR in 2021

1. Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. (GCPL) spent 34 crore on CSR planning and initiative in the FY2020-21. Post-pandemic, the company’s CSR soared over 2.77 lakh people from various vulnerable communities.

During the last FY, GCPL rerouted 63% of its CSR budget to contribute to long-term livelihood programmes to support over 9000 micro entrepreneurs.

Following that Godrej Consumer Products Ltd. Has achieved zero waste-to-landfill ratio and water positivity. The company initiated the policy of 100% Producer Responsibility compliant. It takes in the plastic packaging post-use as compared to the plastic packaging it sends out.

The company has secured itself a rank among the Top 15 companies in the leadership index (India).

2. Infosys Limited

Infosys Limited has been an early adopter of CSR in India, by undertaking majority of its CSR initiatives through Infosys Foundation, established in 1996. In FY2020-21, the company spent over Rs 325.32 crores on its CSR initiatives.

Gradually, the company’s focus has been on the practices of sustainability including economic, social and environmental imperatives. It not only covers the business but spread itself around the other communities. The company’s CSR includes philanthropy, holistic community development and sustainability-related initiatives.

Through this initiative, Infosys is planning to empower and support over 10 million people through digitization and life skills by 2025.

3. Wipro Limited

Wipro spent Rs 251 crores for CSR in the FY2020-21. Wipro supported more than 1562 projects covering various aspects like healthcare support, humanitarian aid, and livelihood regeneration and reaching over 10 million post-pandemic.

The education programmes reached over 1.1 lakh student across 14 states.

4. Tata Chemicals Limited

Tata Chemical Limited is one of the supreme Sustainability leaders over the past few years. The company launched several projects and initiatives to reserve environment and engage with local communities. The company spent Rs 21 crores on its CSR programs in FY2020-21 toward building an ecosystem that is eco-friendly.

Overall, the company has impacted the lives of more than 2lakh people in the previous financial year.

5. ITC Limited

ITC’s led an initiative by the belief than an organization must serve a larger societal purpose keeping in mind the priorities of the nation. The Triple Bottom Line commitment of the company helped build economic, social and environmental capital.

The company’s Social Forestry programme helped “go-green” more than 30,439 acres of land. It provided skills to more than 12,000 youths. In total the company spent Rs 353.46 on its CSR programmes and initiatives in FY2020-21.

6. Jubilant Life Sciences Limited

The company secured a rank in the Top 10 companies for CSR against its last year’s 23rd position. In the FY2021-21 Jubilant Life Sciences spent Rs 5.83 crores on its CSR initiatives and programmes.

7. Grasim Industries Limited

Grasim Limited raised its CSR expenditure about 45% since the last FY. They reached and spread across 15 locations, spanning seven states. They impacted the lives of people over 31.6 lakh through its CSR initiatives.

In FY2020-21, more than 2,00,000 patients underwent various treatments at Grasim’s medical facilities and operate 6 company schools with more than 6000 students as its strength.

8. Vedanta Limited

Vedanta Limited supports agriculture and rural development along with hosting the CSR initiatives. It focuses on themes like water, energy, and carbon management. They adopted technologies to enhance energy consumption, optimize water consumption and safeguard diversity through group companies including Hindustan Zinc, Sesa Iron Ore business and Vedanta Aluminium etc.

During FY2020-21, Vedanta spent over Rs 331 crores on CSR initiatives and programmes.

9. Tata Power Company Limited

Tata Power has made a huge impact and has secured itself a spot in the Top 10 against the last year’s position 57th rank. The company spent Rs 3.45 crore on CSR in FY2020-21, the initiatives of this company’s CSR include: education, financial inclusion, sanitation, and skill building.

10. JSW Steel Limited

JSW Steel Limited created value for all its stakeholders through quality-checked products, rapid growth and CSR initiatives. In FY2020-21, the company spent Rs 78.32 crores in CSR initiatives and programmes.

These are the Top 10 of many other companies who have earned the tag of CSR, and are continually working towards the benefit of eco-friendly ecosystem.

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