Summer Fun Not Bummer Sun!

With the initiation of summer, we often find it hard to find ways to stay cool. One might want to reduce their electricity bill; you may want to reduce your air conditioning needs, or you might be concerned about the wastage that the air conditioning entails. Anyway, you struggle to keep everything in synch when summer arrives. Your cooling needs can be fulfilled without denting your pocket with a hefty bill and, at the same time, is considerate about the sustainable ways to cope with the heat. Here are some cool tips for chilling out during your summer season.

Stay Hydrated

The first and foremost step is to provide your body with ample liquids. Your body is similar to that of an air conditioner. Sweat is a coolant to your body as the temperature rises or when you exercise for long hours. This coolant needs to be replenished with the consumption of lots of water! Your body will work 100x times better when hydrated. Avoid consuming sugary beverages and instead drink more water, with a twist. You can make drinking water interesting and fun by adding fruits (like strawberries, berries, oranges, or other fresh fruits) and vegetables (like mint leaves, cucumbers, and lemon). You can make drinking water not a chore but a fun routine.

Adjust Your Coolers

Adjust your fans according to the day. Face your face outwards at night instead of placing it in your room. Your ceiling fans must run counter-clockwise in the summer. The counter-clockwise setting creates a cooler effect and the other setting will perform the opposite. The counter-clockwise setting will make you feel several degrees cooler. Use less air conditioning. Keep your doors and windows open on a breezy day. Hang wet bed-sheets in front of your air way entrance to give you a cooler effect.

Avoid OTGs

Try planning your meals which avoid the usage of ovens. Consider using other smaller appliance machines like a cooker. You can grill and skewer outside your house and take advantage of the weather. It is very essential to stay hydrated not only through water but fruits and vegetables too. Fruits provide a lot of water to your body. Eat lighter foods in summer. Light foods are easier to digest in the summer. Eat foods which are not very high on fat or cholesterol. Avoid eating red meats and alcoholic beverages, switch to white meat and light beers.

Windows Insulation

Insulation isn’t just about winters. The insulation of your house is absolutely necessary, no matter what season it is. The better insulation keeps all the extreme temperatures out of the house. You must keep your windows shut and install insulated drapes, keeping them closed the entire day too. You can open your windows at night as it is cooler and let air pass through. You can maximize your air flow by keeping windows open at night, the windows opposing each other. The best air flow is during night when the temperature drops. The areas with dry-heat can install wet bed-sheets on their air passage window to keep air passing through much cooler and would protect you from exposure outside your window.

Style your summer

You must buy clothes that give you enough space to breathe and sweat.  Buy clothing with natural fibers and avoid using synthetic fibers. The natural fibers are more breathable. You must avoid wearing dark or black colors as they absorb more sun heat than colors which are more color friendly. Wear more pastels, bright and floral patterns. Dress in blowy and breezy dresses, avoid skin fit and wear shades/hats. Always! Always wear SPF. Wear shoes which are more breathable like sandals, heels and slippers and avoid wearing chunky and leather layered shoes.

Install Air Vents

If you haven’t already installed air vents in your attic, you must have them installed right away. They give your house more air circulation and maximize the reach of air to every nook and cranny. They make a big impact for the air circulation in your entire home. The better the air vent system the better the air cooling and maximization of air in your home. The installation isn’t absolutely necessary but a very good option to make your summer more breathable.

Care for you air conditioner

Your air conditioners have become a very important and essential part with the rise of heat temperatures. Although it has impacted the environment and has contributed a lot in global warming, it has become a needful in the summers. You must clean out your air filters once a month, and keep a regular check on it. You must keep its services up to date, as without service the ACs tend to suck more electricity. You must keep your ducts in check to avoid leakage. The more duct leakage might lead to majorly affecting its efficiency.


The major concern for the issue with electricity consumption and the hefty bills attached to it is the forgetfulness when it comes to unplugging your devices/appliances. You must turn off any lights, appliances, or electronics when they’re not in use. You must turn them off immediately after using or when you aren’t using them. Hand wash your dishes and let them air dry instead of going through the hassle of a dishwashing system and heat drying them. Wash your clothes when they absolutely need cleaning and air dry instead of machines drying them. Shutdown your mobile phone, computer or any device chargers when not in use. Remember that they still suck energy when not in use by you. Follow these steps and protect the planet and keep your electricity bill in check.

The summers can be harsh and dry. Anyhow, you can still enjoy your summer and have a gala time by following these tips and steps. Keep your daily activity light and enjoy the cool breeze and the twinkling sunshine of summer. Always remember to wear large amounts of sunscreen; also apply your SPF every 5-6 hours. When idling away in beach is the time to keep your body absolutely hydrated and sun proof. We hope you found our article interesting. Keep following for more tips!

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