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When you have guests staying in your home, you want them to have a pleasant stay. It is not necessary to own a five-star luxurious hotel to make visitors feel welcome and important. Use some of these simple tips to spruce up your spare room and impress anyone who comes to visit. You never know, they might decide to stay a little longer and enjoy the comforts of your home. It can be unsettling and uncomfortable to leave one’s home and travel to stay as a guest in the home of another. A good host, on the other hand, can create the ideal guest room setup that offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for their travel-weary visitors with a little creativity. Whether you’re expecting overnight guests this weekend or months from now, our tips will help you be the host with the most.

Fresh Flowers 

Fresh flowers are a simple way to make any space appear more inviting and refreshing. Purchase a small bouquet from your local florist and place it in a vase on a dresser or bedside table. This simple gesture will undoubtedly catch your guest’s attention. Consider including a simple handwritten welcome note as an extra touch.

Comfortable Bedding

Finally, your visitor must get a good night’s sleep. Your guests will appreciate the buttery softness and temperature-controlled sleep of your luxurious Bamboo bedding. To make the bed look magazine-worthy, layer it with our bamboo comforter, duvet cover, and beautiful throw blanket.

Provide extra Linens

Keep some extra blankets in a decorative basket in an easily accessible location for guests who may become chilly. Fill them with guest towels and other necessities for when guests arrive. Always keep an extra set of bed and bath linens on hand for your visitors. Accidents do occur! Alternatively, you could have one of those wonderful guests who insist on changing the sheets when they leave. Allow them to do it and express your gratitude profusely.

Simple Necessities

The guest room should have everything your guests need to feel at ease. Make sure they have a mirror for getting ready and touching up, easy access to outlets for charging, a small trash can, and a small clock so they can stay on time for events or flights. A guest WIFI password for their stay, either framed on a dresser or left on a bedside table notepad, is another nice touch. Make room for a luggage rack or a small table or bench to place a suitcase. Nobody enjoys having to stoop to the floor to retrieve a clean pair of socks. Less is more in a guest room—more space, more comfort, and more welcoming. Remove anything that would not be found in a hotel room. Only keep the most useful items in the room, such as a clock and calendar.

Curtains and Light

Apart from the need for privacy from your neighbors, your visitor might not want to wake up with the sun. Guests are on vacation from their regular lives while staying with you. Plans may include late nights out or sleeping in late in the mornings. Check that any windows have curtains or blinds to prevent morning sunlight from entering. One of the most common hotel decor faux pas is a room with no light to read by. It’s always a good idea to keep a light switch near the bed so your guests don’t have to stumble around in the dark just to turn on a light. Provide a good reading light near a chair or over the bed if nothing else. Another light or fixture near the desk would be ideal. A small night light can be useful, and a lighted magnifying makeup mirror is a real treat.

You can probably turn off your bedroom light and walk to bed without incident, but your visitor does not know your house, as well as you do. Keep a small lamp near the bed to keep your visitor from stumbling in the dark. This is also ideal for guests who like to read before going to bed.

Clothing Storage

Your visitor may not be staying for an extended period of time, but there is some comfort in not having to live out of a suitcase. In the guest room, keep a dresser with at least a couple of empty drawers and open space in the closet for hanging clothes.

A comfortable guest room does not require much. Simple touches, thoughtful additions, and comfortable bedding will keep your guests returning for more. Take the time to design the ideal guest room so that you and your guest can enjoy the limited time you have together. Clear at least a foot or two of pole space in the closet if your guest room shares space with a home office.

Alternatively, buy a cheap over-the-door hook that can hold some hanging clothes. Don’t forget to bring six to eight hangers. A robe, coat, or purse can be stored on a simple hook on the wall or behind a closet door. If you have an extra chest of drawers, that’s ideal, but if not, clear out at least one or two drawers for small items. Odds and ends out of sight will make you and your guest feel better.

Priorities Privacy

You may be aware that the large maple tree just outside the window obscures everything, but your guests will not. Choose window coverings that add to the room’s character while also providing privacy and light control. Blinds are ideal for keeping things simple. A lovely valance or side panels can always be added later. Make several sets of keys for your house (and car if your guests will be using it). Color-code the sets so you know who has what. Maintain a simple log of who has which colored set and check them in when they are returned.

The ideas you’ve just read may appear lengthy, but they’re all simple and logical to provide. You’ll be well on your way to creating a perfect guest room if you consider what you’d like to find in a fine hotel room. Stay tuned for more handy tips!

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