India And Sustainability: Plans And Agendas

India And Sustainability Plans And Agendas

One-sixth of the world’s population lives in India, which is essential to the 2030 Agenda’s success. In its second VNR, India has adopted a “whole-of-society” concept, involving the corporate sector, local communities, subnational and local governments, civil society organizations, and persons in vulnerable situations. India’s connection with the national development strategy, as shown by the … Read more

Principles Of Corporate Sustainability

Principles Of Corporate Sustainability

The word “corporate sustainability” branches out from the concept of “sustainable development.” Sustainable development is defined as the “fulfilling the needs of the present generation without putting the needs of the future generation at risk”. The motive of a business contributing to sustainable development should be to create wealth to reduce poverty, without putting natural … Read more

Who Are the Big Achievers In The Area Of Sustainability?

Who Are the Big Achievers In The Area Of Sustainability

Who has cracked the code to be more eco-friendly? What cryptic theory do they use? The process to check the SDGs and CSR index is getting harder by the day. But before that: Let’s learn about the 6 key features of transformations: The challenge of sustainable development is social, not environmental. Significant improvements in education … Read more

How To Be Sustainable While You Binge In Your Life: Here’s What You Can Do!

How To Be Sustainable While You Binge In Your Life Here’s What You Can Do!

Sustainability in itself is a self-explanatory concept. The process of using less and reusing more is the motto of sustainability. The concept of the three R’s is the promotional idea of sustainability. Sustainability stands for reducing the wants of today in order to secure the needs of the future. There are multiple facets of sustainability, … Read more